FLAVIAR  Packaging / communication



Spirited Re-Think

Obsessing on the Balkans

OBJECTIVES / Packaging / communication

Client / Flaviar

Client / Agentura

year / 2016

With / Flaviar, Tilen Sepič, photography

Awards / Red dot 2017

Flaviar is a fine spirits club where members enjoy a revolving, changing collection of craft and premium distilled beverages. And time had come to re-conceptualize and redesign their flagship product. This thoughtfully assembled tasting box represents the essence of its “Try before you buy” approach. Due to the nature of the business – the delivery of fragile physical goods through the post – packaging had to be lightweight and durable, yet also engaging and elegant. It was important to communicate the intention with both clarity and emotion, with the goal to create a contemporary zeitgeist product with a masculine character.

Flaviar-Tasting-Box-Opened copy
flaviar composition 1