Tourne Mobil  / identity / Branding  / product graphics / video

It’s All About
the Journey

Tourne Mobil

It’s All About the Journey

Obsessing on the Balkans

OBJECTIVES / re-branding / layout  / logotype / marketing material

Client / Tourne

Client / Agentura

year / 2017

With / Primož Bregar, Uroš Podlogar - PHOTOGRAPHY / Andro Kajzer, Uroš Podlogar - VIDEO

A car importer, distributor and dealer came to us, together with his chief design engineer, with a new custom-designed and fitted campervan. Both were new to the world of campers, so design and features were different, special. Which meant we were able to talk about the campervan differently, shape it from the beginning, make it fresh, distinct, compelling. (We also took it half-way around Europe – ostensibly so we could create an engaging story for and around it.) All design elements and communication reflect its simple, high-performance design without all the distractions, even down to the name – Tourne.

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